TV Programs

Japan is so into a brand and their lifestyle is similar with the celebrities. If they see a certain celebrity, this part of certain idea that they follow.Reality shows in different countries, teaches people to be antagonist but people still want to watch it. Advertisers still want to have their product shown with the celebrities who promote their product.

People doesn’t understand why, but reality show doesn’t work in Japan and then to be honest, we don’t know the reason. Actually, there is one reality show in Japanese network, but the other network doesn’t have it. That reality show is based on a kind of share house where there’s three female and three male. They lived together but they’re not the Jersey Shore. Maybe, it’s so boring to the U.S audience but it’s all about living their life together. It’s all about a boyfriend and girlfriend thingy and it was broadcasted in the Television. That would be probably over one year or two year for almost.

Japanese people are kind and aware of what the content of their TV show. They just provide the good impact for the viewers of their show and they don’t go beyond the limit.