What is Trending?

No matter where you go there’s always some trends that are just plain weird. For example people outside US find that we are overly obsessed with teeth. Right braces seem very normal to those  who live in the U.S, but there are so willingly bind with their teeth to go through months of pain and rub like teeth whitening chemicals into their mouths just so that they have the perfect smile. The purpose of achieving them straight pearly white.

In Japan, there is a particular trends that you might not know about. Japanese people want a complete opposite of straight teeth. The recent trend among the younger generation is to believer or not have crooked fang-like teeth. They called this trend as Yabba, or more directly translate to double tooth. It’s supposedly considered cute and youthful to them. The double tooth look is achieved by temporarily or permanently capping the upper canines through a dental procedure. This is a sign of wealth and status. Only those people who  have money are able to afford the luxury of beautifying their teeth, and so capping your teeth means that you have money.

Wearing nerdy glasses is universally trendy in Japan also. In many parts of Asia, Japan have their own twist to it. People wear just the frames of  the glasses like no lens nothing. Even wearing surgical masks is extremely popular in Japan. Originally, they were used in densely populated areas to stop the spreading of germs but in Japan it has now become part of popular fashion. Now, you can buy color printed surgical masks and even fake designer surgical masks to match your outfit. Japan is most likely the land of fashion. They are known to be the living anime, as their country is the country of animation. That is why they want to look like anime with their trendy fashion clothes and looks.