My favourite Season in Japan

I am Sandra and one of my favourite places that I have been is Japan. I like their culture, their lifestyle, fashion and most probably is their seasons. I want to share with you guys on what is my favorite season in Japan where I usually go there to spend my vacation. My favorite season is spring.¬†After winter, it starts getting warmed and you can start walk outside. When I smell flowers, I get so happy and excited and that’s why I like spring.

Taking long walks outside is nice too. The limited edition springs sweets come out and there are lot of sakura flavored things. I love all the sakura flavored sweet. I always buy too much and I have to be careful. In the spring there’s graduations and welcoming ceremonies. It’s time to say goodbye and hello to new people. In March. we have white day. White day is where guys who got chocolate on Valentine’s day, gives something back to the girl he got it from.

When I was an elementary school student, I got up the courage to give chocolate to the guy I liked. I couldn’t wait to get something back mon White Day. I remember being so excited about that.Spring is the time for cherry blossoms. Talking under the sakura trees. This year I want to bring my guitar to the park and think it would be fun to sing all together. I really think so. I want to try it. Spring is a season for meeting new people and it’s a season to make friends as well and I’m excited for it to come.