The top 8 opera houses in the world

Opera houses are a very nice and beautiful place to visit. If you have time to travel then you can also try and go and see the opera houses in the world. They do not just produce and give a good performance but their buildings or location is also beautiful. The love of opera is scattered over the world and the proof is the opera houses established and built. It is where you can listen to the sophisticated and elegant performances. Let us see the infographic below.

You can see the eight places of the top opera houses in the world. You can see where they are located and some facts about the opera and opera singers are also written here. The list of famous opera is also on the list that includes Antonio Vivaldi and Hector Berlioz that are really famous with the pieces they performed. There is also the information about the hourly wages of the performers and the musicians. Around the world, the opera singers can also travel so they can perform. They can do tours that they perform one act but in different countries.

The opera houses also accept guests who will perform their that comes in different parts of the world. It is one of the arts that still exist until today and very much appreciated, visit this. There are already many artists who have made their name in this industry and others also perform in their countries after learning from the different opera lessons.