The influence of mood and environment on music preference

Music is already a part of a human’s life. Music, in turn, contains the daily life and the stages of humans life from inception, birth, growth into a young adult and into an adult then into the final destination of death. Music expresses¬†many things in every stage of this life and many songs in every genre have been written and sung for many years. The emotions of people like joys, sorrow, pain, fear and much more are covered in song lyrics.

If you see in the infographic, it illustrates that listening to a genre of music can depend on the current emotion of the person and also in the present environment. In the infographic, you can see how it was illustrated the effect of the mood in choosing the seven different kinds of songs. There are six kinds of emotions also put in the top part of the column and five kinds of an environment on the environment part of an illustration. This presentation was a result of a survey conducted. Stay healthy and beautiful with the maintenance given by this medical company. They do some beauty operation like plastic surgery and more, check over here. You may need their help if you are a beauty aware person.

You can also see about the part when they choose what type of song to be played when they are in a group. What leads them to pick a song is based on the type of the majority of people present there. The second is the choice of the host. Whatever is our preferences in music, we can come to the agreement that we naturally want to listen to music and that each and everyone has their own choice of type of music to play and listen.