3 Reasons why I love Music

Music is my life, that’s why I love music. It is already part of my daily life. It makes my  mind be peaceful and sometimes become livelier. According to a paper that I read in the journal of Consumer Psychology, repetitive choruses are the key to a hit song. For each repetition of the chorus, a song’s chance of reaching the top oft the billboard chart rises by 14.5%. I think the mere exposure effect makes us like certain music simply, because we hear it so often. When I hear a song again and again it makes me feel clever. I feel this way because they said our brain has already figured it out.

Sometimes I interpret meaning from music that I am listening.  I am dependent on a combo of hearing and hoping. The more likely I am to keep listening on music the more it makes me become calm and it reduces my stress. Music is my remedy. It gives me life and inspires me to become strong. The lyrics that motivates me to continue living and live a happy and joyful day to the fullest.Music is everywhere and it is my stress reliever. It is a tool to makes me forget problems for  the mean time. It is my comforter and my bestfriend

As we all know, music defines in the dictionary as the art of arranging sounds as to produce a continuous unified and evocative composition . But to me, music is much more. Music is an escape from the monotony of everyday life. It’s where I go for inspiration, energy, refuge. Music has no boundaries that you don’t need to learn languages to bond with each other’s music. Without music means your life is boring. That’s why you should love music because it is your remedy and life that will make you feel alive.