How to be a Jpop

You can live doing what you want you love and what you want to do. Other jobs besides being in the Jpop industry can’t make you happy throughout your life but we would say that a lot of the times when it comes to the norm, you would have to kind of adjust to your job and give up stuff. Like, if you have your hobby separately and your job would be something kind of obligated to do, but if you’re in Jpop, you would have to say your dream was to sing or dance or rap or act on stage. So, basically your dream itself is your work and that is like the biggest appeal of the job.

The biggest reason why we wanted to start music was we didn’t want to live our life doing something that we didn’t want to do. Being like in a publisher in a work office and just sitting there and being told what to do and doing it. We’re not saying it’s bad but it’s something that just wasn’t appealing for us and we would have to say a lot of people would agree with the fact that  most jobs require endurance and Jpop isn’t so much like that. You just kind of enjoy what you like to do so.

You should definitely have to be love from your fans and this isn’t only subjected to Jpop idols but we would say Jpop idols receive a lot of love from their fans who are very caring. They also keep up with their schedule and see what their favorite idol or singer, actor/ actress is doing and that is such a big procas. Love is always awesome, and to receive it from many different people all around the world is a true blessing. A lot of people go through the struggle and it’s really difficult to become a Jpop.